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SMART T2 Vector Magnetogram

SMART T2 Full-disk Vector Magnetogram Sample Images
Here, you can see full-disk vector magnetogram sample images obtained with Solar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope (SMART) at Hida Obs., Kyoto University.
Currently, the raw data are not opend for public.

  * 2003.10.29
  * 2003.10.30
  * 2005.04.28
  * 2005.05.02
  * 2005.05.03
  * 2005.05.04
  * 2005.05.05
  * 2005.09.10
  * 2005.09.12
  * 2005.09.15
  * 2006.04.28
  * 2006.06.07

SMART T2 Full-disk Vector Magnetograph Observation Log
You can see the full-disk vector magnetograph observation-log from 2004.08.10 to 2008.01.16 (except for experimental observations).

  * SMART/T2 Full-disk Vector Magnetograph Observation Log

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