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Data policy
The use of data for public education efforts and non-commercial purposes is encouraged.
If you want to use the data in a published paper, book, or any other kind of (electronic) publication,
please contact us.
E-mail: data_info [at]

About SDDI

Solar Dynamics Doppler Imager(SDDI) was installed on SMART in the end of 2016-Apr to observe the motion of filaments eruptions.
In contrast to the previous observing system, which was able to observe the velocity of filament eruptions up to 60km/sec, the new system can capture the velocity up to 400km/sec.

The wavelength designated on the data is not exact because of the slight variation of the central wavelength of the Lyot filter due to the temperature excursion.
To deduce the exact line-of-sight velocity, a calibration of the wavelength is necessary by referring to spatial average of the solar disk. If you conduct a quantitative analysis using the SDDI data, please contact us.
Documents-1(pdf) Paper(Ichimoto et al. 2017)pdf   filter profile (for quick check)


SMART/SDDI was supported by MEXT/JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 15H05814.

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