Outstanding H-alpha Movies of
Solar Prominence Eruptions and Flares

(Since July/1992)

Hida Observatory, Kyoto Unversity

The Solar Flare Monitoring Telescope (FMT) observes full solar images simultaneously in five different wavelengths, H alpha center, H alpha+0.8A, H alpha-0.8A, wide-band H alpha line for limb Prominence. You can see the movies of outstanding events observed by FMT.

The original image archive of solar eruptive phenomena, from which the outstanding movies were edited, is found in Flare Monitoring Telescope Observation Report. The image data will be supplied in compliance with your request. Please send your requests for the data or other informations to Prof. H.Kurokawa, kwasan and Hida Observatories, Kyoto University (kurokawa@kwasan.kyoto-u.ac.jp) with 'Event ID No.' given in the Event List and your scientific purpose.

The description of the telescope system is found in the following paper.

Reference: H.Kurokawa, K.Ishiura, G.Kimura, Y.Nakai, R.Kitai, Y.Funakoshi, and T.Shinkawa "Observations of Solar H-alpha Filament Disappearances with a New Solar Flare-Monitoring-Telescope at Hida Observatory" J.Geomag.Geoelectr., 47, 1043-1052, 1995


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The Solar Flare Montoring Telescope, Hida Observatory, Kyoto unversity