The Domeless Solar Telescope (DST) is for H alpha partial-region observations
and solar spectrum observatons.
This page provides quick-look movies generated from the H alpha images.
Please find a list of data by choosing a year
from the pull-down menu below and pushing the `GO' button.

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About this page

There are three types of movie

T.After Year 2001: images taken by a Kodak Digital CCD camera
      The original image data have been stored in TIFF-format.

U.From 1995 to 2000 : images taken by PULNiX Analog Video Camera
      The original image data were stored in analog video laser disk media.

V.Before Year 1996 : images taken by FILM camera
      The observations had been made by a film camera until about 1996. In order to
      avoid degradation of the films and to utilize the old data more efficiently,
      we began digitizing the film since 2003. Currently, film data of up
      to 1987 have been successfully digitized and are available at this site.

Movies are displayed by a JAVA script.
Please activate Java script by an option setting of your browser.

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All data on this page are dependent on and maintained by Kyoto University.
We prohibit any use without permission and the data are for non-profit use only.


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